Managing Customer Relationships

What is Client Relationship?

Client relationships are those that a business has with its clients and how it treats them. It is the way a business communicates with existing customers. You simply cannot be successful without your clients. Therefore, I’d like to show you effective ways to build customer relationships.

Treat clients as individuals

  • Many times, we risk treating them as a group when they need to be treated as individuals.
  • Remember, all clients are unique. Make a personal connection with your client in an appropriate way depending on your client type and personality.
  • Use personalised communication, Use the right term, Use a segmented strategy, Use a relevant content

Get To Know Each Client Like A Friend

  • “Just having satisfied customers isn’t good enough anymore. If you want a booming business, you have to create raving fans.” -Ken Blanchard
  • Does your client really like you as a person? Simply give them some time and ask how their weekend was. Suggest to them some exciting activities they can do to make the most of their weekends. Soon you’ll turn your clients into friends in a meaningful way.

Respect the Client’s Time

  • “Put yourself in their shoes.” Jesse Harrison, CEO, Employee Justice Legal Team
  • You’ve to respect their time.
  • Our relationships can become weak if we do not keep up with the time of our clients.

How to do that?

  • In case you’re planning to meet up, don’t make them wait and better decide on early to meet at a time that’s ok for both.
  • Show up on time, get straight to business, and be respectful. This will set the tone for the rest of the relationship.

Be social — online and offline

  • “Ease your customers’ pain.” Hazel Edwards, Owner, Gillian Roberts Bridal Boutique
  • What to take care of on social media?
  • Make sure you humanise your brand and showcase your personality
  • Respond quickly to create a better user experience
  • Go above and beyond what customers expect
  • Get proactive with your engagement
  • Highlight and reward your top customers
  • Shine a light on your team as well
  • Build and push them towards your community
  • Not only social presence, but offline interaction is also just as important. Craft a unique handwritten message with a little gesture, send a gift of thank you or congratulatory message, whatever be the occasion to solidify the way a client looks at your practice

5 Client Relationship Skills You Need

  1. Patience

Many clients will try to take your patience to the brink, yet being patient is important to customers. If you’re into the habit of being patient with your customers, you will be able to better understand their problems. When they come to you frustrated, be sure to examine the situation before you comment so you can give informed recommendation

  1. Attentiveness

Whether good or bad, be attentive to what your customers are saying. Especially, when you’re looking to innovate, pay attention to individual customer interactions to learn what they want. Be mindful to the feedback and reviews that you receive at large.

  1. Clear communication skills

Miscommunication may end up you losing a deal. Make sure you’re using the right words at the right time. More importantly, make your clients comfortable with being open and honest with you. Try to strike the balance between professionalism and being friendly with your favourite clients.

  1. Positive language

Words have the power to create a long relationship with your clients. It’s important to show a positive face to your clients. Be the one who takes the stress off your clients. While using your services or doing business with you, your conversation patterns can go a long way to create happy customers. You need to think positive first so you’ll start communicating in a positive way

  1. Time management skills

Getting the things done in less time is what will impress your client. Your time is valuable. How you quantify your time is a great client relationship skill that will calculate your relationship management. The more time you spend with your clients you will know what customers want in an efficient manner.

Finally, what goes around comes around

Sooner or later, success comes down to understanding your customers. So always be on the lookout for improving your client relationships, else somebody will end up winning that customer one day!


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