Make 'Em Stare is an EMPOWERING & SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY of  amazing  women-led businesses of ethnic minorities - interacting, networking and acquiring growth pathways to develop their enterprises.


To be at the forefront of breaking barriers and creating growth paths for women led business across UK and environs.


To build a strong community of members attaining excellence in their enterprises.  


  • We believe in working together - we are a friendly platform for business collaborations
  • We are passionate about promoting your business and pushing it on to attain its full potentials
  • We are a community of business owners and professionals, connecting, interacting, buying from each other, sharing ideas,  and elevating each other
  • We are the number one online business directory platform for solely WOMEN of ethnic minorities in the UK


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A Network of Women Supporting Women


Meet and connect with great minds, professionals and entrepreneurs.


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Arewah - Founder Make 'Em Stare

About Me

They say “GREAT OAKS FROM LITTLE ACORNS GROW” which simply means a little seed can make a mighty tree, the multinational companies you see today started as an idea in a room. Never despise the days of small beginnings.

You have a product that someone out there is looking desperately for. A talent not visible for the world to see is a talent buried.

I know a lot of talented mothers and young women that have taken the Bull by the Horn and decided that they want to start their own business, but due to no exposure a lot have given up on their dreams and settled for less. This has motivated me to connect businesses together to help each other and also promote your business for the world to see.

My dream is to have us use and promote each other’s businesses so that we can develop economically. I long for the day our communities will keep our money within our communities.

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